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Online Security - Keep your Online Identity Safe
13.02.2017 14:11

No one is safe online. Everyone is vulnerable and it is your responsibility to establish precautionary measures to protect yourself against cyberattacks. Make yourself well informed and updated on different schemes which cybercriminals used to deceive online users.

The simple tips below should help ensure your security online without ruining the convenience online access offers:

1. Your passwords should be strong enough that it cannot be easily guessed by hackers. Do not use obvious passwords using your personal information or do not use the most common passwords that are ridiculously easy to guess. Moreover, make sure that you use different passwords for your online accounts because having similar passwords on all accounts makes it easier for hackers to steal your identity.

2. Updating your software is very important. There are many good reasons why you need to update your software, thus make sure to take time updating and installing new versions of it.

3. Phishers do have the capability to copy the exact interface of a certain website and lure you into one. They will do everything to obtain personal information from you using those fake sites. Closely examine the site you are accessing before logging in your account and before giving out any personal and financial information.

4. A recovery contact is very important at times where you can’t login to your account. Make sure to set an account recovery contact in case you can’t access your own account.

5. Take advantage of setting up a two-step authentication as it serves as an added security to your accounts and will prevent hackers from accessing your account easily.

Dangers and threats are lurking on the Internet and hackers are always on the hunt looking for someone to victimize. Make yourself invincible and hard to hack, follow the basic ways above and be updated on latest schemes cybercriminals used.



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